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[ 07-04-2021 ]

What To Do If Online Casino Is Banned In Your Country?

Online casinos are a great way of gaming which allows the player to enjoy the excitement and fun of live casinos from anywhere and anytime at all. This flexibility is beneficial for contestants and that is why public interest for online casinos is growing day by day.

While great gaming platforms like AM99 provides wonderful gaming experience to the payer, there are many countries where online casinos are banned. Residents of those countries need not lose hope as there are ways through which they can enjoy the excitement and pleasure of online casinos.

Using a VPS

Using a virtual private server is one of the slick ways that allows the player take part in an online casino gaming. Purchasing a personal server will let the user enjoy the pleasure of Online Casino Malaysia as well.

Using proxies

Hiding the player’s IP address using proxies shall allow the user to enjoy online casino experience freely.

Using a VPN

Tricking the geo-blocking programs with VPN is a widely used method, and using this method, the player can try and play in any Online Casino Malaysia, even if they are not from that country.

Using TOR

Bypassing any restrictions using TOR is well-known these days, and this open source program is very much helpful if the player wants to have pleasure of online casino experience if it is banned in his country.

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