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Bet conveniently and privately on Malaysia's largest online 4D lottery platform. We offer various online 4D lottery betting from companies such as Magnum 4D, Sabah, STC, Cashsweep, LUCKY HARI HARI. and more.

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KENO is a game organized according to KENO’s official drawing results in counties or regions like Beijing, Canada, Malta, Australia, and Slovakia to name a few. Its rule is different from 4D lottery.

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Magnum / Toto / Damacai / Singapore / Sabah / Sandaken / Sarawak / Perdana Lotto / Lucky / Good4D Payout

1st Prize/A 3,400 4,800 8,000 840 280 18,000 120,000 60 840
2nd Prize/B 1,200 2,400 280 6000 3600 60 840
3rd Prize/C 600 1,200 280 3600 360 60 840
4th Prize/D 600 36 6 84
5th Prize/E 24 5 6 84
6th Prize/F 6
Starter Prizes 250 20 280
Consolation 80 2.60 36

  • PMP
  • TOTO
  • GOOD4D
  • Perdana
  • LuckyHari-Hari

Prestigious Lottery Game Provider in Malaysia - AM99 Malaysia

In AM99 site, the places which attract most of the public is here,Lottery category. The 4D Result is the main reason for all the public to come over AM99. Among hundreds of online lottery sites, we will feel extreme difference here because of its convenience and benefits. The prominent features of AM99 will bring the greatest time to enjoy lottery, 918kiss Malaysia and hit the prize.

Check the 4D Result Quickly

Waiting the draw result to know whether you are a winner or not is really nervous. We understood that, so our lottery service always updated rapidly winning lottery numbers for players to check their result the soonest. You can check the live 4D Result by just some clicks through your computer screen at home or anywhere with Internet connection. In addition, you can see the past draw results available on our site.

Simple to Choose and Purchase a Lottery Number

You are capable to select and purchase a lottery number that you guess that it will have chance to appear in the draw table. Today, you can by number online quickly through your computer screen within some minutes without moving out of your house. This method will save more precious time and still make sure that you can keep your ticket in hands at once. If you do not have any clues or ideas on choosing the lottery that you want to buy for the day, you can also try to check the past4D Result and make some analysis.

Receive Many Lottery Useful Tips to Raise Winning Opportunity

Players will take chances to receive helpful tips and strategies from our lottery experts. These advice is considered as valuable knowledge and experience that help players possible to predict for numbers with high winning possibility, also all the numbers given are analyzed base on the history of 4D Result. Moreover, AM99 Online Betting will be an ideal place for you to discover the logic formulas to evaluate the winning probability percentage for number you choose.

Staff’s Whole-Hearted Support

Our staff will be always ready to tackle all queries from players on lottery game quickly 24/24. We believe that players will satisfy with staff’s working attitude and never let clients wait too long to resolve any problems. There is a hint for all players, if you dont know which lottery number to buy for the day, try ask our customer service a question, "What number do you think will appear on tonight's 4D Result", maybe they will bring you luck.

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